SHOW AIRED: February 8th 2018

Nathan R Mitchell, founder of Clutch Consulting, and Certified Member of The John Maxwell Team, interviews founder of, Michelle Hammons. Listen in to Episode #29 as Nathan and Michelle discuss how performance, clarity, energy, productivity, influence, and courage, all play a role in us becoming the very best version of ourselves.

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Meet Michelle Hammons:

12523633-michelle-hammonsLook through the lens and see a new vision of your life…

Michelle Hammons operated as a creative artist for over 15 years as she built a successful photography business. As she crafted beautiful wedding and family portraits she discovered secret insights into how others see themselves. Through the process of creating these images, she realized a photo may be a one-dimensional image but the story behind that image makes it come to life. Through these experiences, she helped numerous people see their own potential through the power of self-image.

With a passion for people, purpose, and projects, Michelle enjoyed mixing her creative talents with the science of her Information Technology leadership background. This created uncommon results in the corporate arena as she saw the big picture and gave voice to the vision at hand. She led her team to achieve exceptional results time and again by searching for the outliers that are often overlooked. Michelle found that when these organizations changed their focus they found great reward through her suggested process and technology changes.

Bringing you to the lens of your own life, Michelle is uniquely qualified to help bring your own vision into clear focus. She is equipped to help you find your purpose by engaging your own unique creative process. Starting with your vision, Michelle will help you see which values are important and valid. This journey of self-discovery will challenge you to vacate old habits and thoughts and forge new paths of high velocity as you look through the lens and embrace your new legacy.

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