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A good friend of mine recently told me that our whole goal in life should be to learn to trust. If that’s the ultimate objective, although I do surprise myself at times, I still have a long way to go. How about you?

You see, I started my business and leadership coaching and training company, Clutch Consulting, seven years ago. In some regards it has been the most rewarding and satisfying years of my life. On the other hand, at times, it has tested my sanity and whether or not I’m on the right path for the long term in fulfilling my unique purpose in life. Yet, I continue to have faith, and I continue to trust – well, sometimes. I admit, somedays are better than others.

The “difference maker” is this (and I teach this to the individuals I work with and coach): Even though I’m sometimes uncertain of what the future may hold, I still take action anyway. And despite whatever adversity or obstacles stand in my way, I make the decision daily to face them head-on. And you can too…

At the end of the day, opposition comes in many forms. Personally, I’ve experienced opposition from individuals, organizations I work with, proposals that for one reason or another didn’t manifest into an opportunity, and even mentors.

Here’s what I’ve learned…

It’s not that the opposition has control over me – it’s that it desires to have control over me. It is up to me whether or not I choose to allow it!

Ask yourself whether or not you agree with the above statement. And whether you do, or you don’t, ask yourself why? Really go deeper and do some self-reflection on the topic. It’s really important, and it has a huge impact on how you choose to respond when adversity strikes. And trust me, it will!

Regardless of how you choose to handle adversity and opposition, tomorrow will come if you are blessed enough to wake again. You can choose to take action anyway, try new things, implement new ideas, and find new mentors – or you can choose to do nothing, wallow in self-pity and self-doubt, and regress rather than make progress.

At the end of the day, the choice is entirely up to you (and me). And the choice you (and I) make, will ultimately decide whether or not you (or I) will continue to triumph, make a difference in the lives of others, and find success.

If there’s anything I can personally do to help you on your journey, don’t hesitate to reach out. I’m here to help!

HeadShot2Nathan R Mitchell is America’s Leading Empowerment Coach(TM). He is the Founder of Clutch Consulting, a business and leadership development company committed to Growing Businesses & Empowering People(TM). He is also a Certified Speaker, Trainer, & Coach with The John Maxwell Team and the host of Leading with Purpose – Empowering Talk Radio, a bi-weekly podcast dedicated to helping businesses and individuals lead with more purpose and influence. You can learn more about Nathan, his company, and podcast by visiting,, or by calling him directly at 918-851-7246.

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