SHOW AIRED: February 22nd 2018

Nathan R Mitchell, founder of Clutch Consulting, and Certified Member of The John Maxwell Team, interviews founder of Conder Business Solutions, Greg Conder. Listen in to Episode #30 as Nathan and Greg discuss how small businesses can grow by using four different types of strategy, including marketing and promotion, entering new markets, creating innovative ideas & systems, and even business acquisition.

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Meet Greg Conder:


Since 2005, Greg has coached and consulted with business owners representing many types of businesses including manufacturing and construction as well as service industries like engineering firms, attorneys, insurance agencies, plumbing companies and marketing firms. Greg has also consulted with a few non-profit entities.

Greg owned a successful manufacturing company for about 12 years and sold it in 2004. The company was a metal fabrication company that did contract work as well as developed and marketed some proprietary products.

He also has experience working for such companies as Bell Helicopter, Boeing Electronics and McElroy Manufacturing. These experiences led to a deep understanding of planning, time management and employee management.

Greg is educated in Industrial Engineering and Management and is a Licensed Professional Engineer (P.E. – State of Oklahoma)

Resources Mentioned on the Show:


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