“It’s a must for everyone! Who can’t benefit from being a better leader? The answer is ‘no one!'”

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“The episode with Ben Gay III is brilliant, especially his closing question. Great stuff Nathan, and great job for getting amazing guests on your show!”

5-Star iTunes Review

“Nathan Mitchell zeros in on the important and practical aspects of effective leadership. His unique and dynamic approach gets to the heart of the key issues pertinent to good leadership. His guests are knowledgable and informative. This show is a must for anyone who wants to be a strong and effective leader.”

5-Star iTunes Review

“I just enjoyed episode #8 with Brian Smith. This podcast is a great resource for leaders and business owners. Check it out! You won’t be disappointed!”

Adam Schaeuble

“Nathan, host of ‘Leading With Purpose,’ highlights all aspects of finding your purpose in this can’t miss podcast. The host and expert guests offer insightful advice that is helpful to anyone that listens!”

Brooke Craven

“My wife and I have a small business. A recent episode helped us create a new strategy to add another income stream for our company. Thanks a bunch! We are almost ready for launch!”

Jason Herzberger

“Growth comes through having positive challenges in front of us. Nathan, thank you for a podcast that challenges me where I am, and yet is doable enough that it’s not overwhelming. Keep the episodes coming. Great podcast!”

John Arnold

“Nathan delivers such inspiring messages that help any leader focus on, and improve, the most important aspects of leadership. The ‘Leading with Purpose’ podcast delivers useful insights that help grow businesses and empower leaders and their teams. A must listen!”


Mark Russell Phillips

“I love this show. This host is really entertaining. This show has become the top show in my podcast list. Keep up the great work!”

5-Star iTunes Review

“What this podcast reemphasized for me, is that no matter your place in life, you need a mentor. And not just any mentor, but a mentor you can go to in the good and bad times.”

5-Star iTunes Review